• Highly trained professionals in the areas of Medicine, Social Sciences, The Allied Health Sciences.
  • Professionals trained in the principles of Good Clinical Practice, Human Subjects Protection and Research Ethics
  • Professionals from various countries who understand the various cultures and norms in the countries where they monitor thus providing the additional advantage knowing the local languages and understanding the clinical trial environment of the countries they monitor


MMARCRO utilizes an extensive list of monitoring documents to facilitate excellence in clinical trial monitoring

  • Standard Operating Procedures with relevant monitoring tools to aid monitors in monitoring of any clinical trial
  • Standard Operating Procedures with relevant appendices and sub-appendices to aid sites in the conduct of any clinical trial


MMARCRO provides monitoring training to all CRAs working on MMARCRO projects

  • Site assessment
  • Site training
  • Site initiation
  • Site interim monitoring
  • Site close out monitoring

MMARCRO also provides support for training site teams on the different aspects to be monitored for a clinical trial including but not limited

  • Informed consent/assent process and documentation
  • Assessment of eligibility as per protocol specific requirements
  • Recruitment of study participants as per protocol specific requirements
  • Management and Administration of IP as per protocol specific requirements
  • Management of study samples as per protocol specific requirements
  • Safety Management and Reporting Management of Investigators Site File

MMARCRO COVID-19 Preparedness for Monitoring

MMARCRO has in place a remote/centralized monitoring system to facilitate clinical trial monitoring with limited travel and on-site visits.

The varied templates and detailed SOPs for clinical trial management allows MMARCRO to provide monitoring services without compromising on quality of monitoring.

MMARCRO has in place a risk management plan for all employees and consultants working on MMARCRO projects.

We do not compromise on the availability of resources and equipment to ensure that pertinent and required personal protection measures are in place for MMARCRO CRAs.

The CRAs are thus equipped to carry out their monitoring tasks as safely as possible to reduce potential exposure to potential harms and risks of infection.